Subra is a trained consultant and trainer with over twenty years’ experience in helping people learn and perform. He is very analytical and looks at every detail to make sure clients and learners get the best – a positive learning experience. He is very participative and learner supportive.

Subra is Director, Global Business Development, SMR HR Group Sdn Bhd. Subra has vast experience in training and consulting work. His focus is in aligning solutions that meet the business objectives of the organisation. He has led and delivered programmes across Asia and the Middle East, including Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sudan, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore and Hong Kong. He has managed several large consulting projects for large GLCs and MNCs.

Subra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Universiti Sains Malaysia, and is a SMR-accredited trainer. He has successfully completed his Certificate in Training Practice and achieved membership of the Institute of Personnel & Development, United Kingdom. Subra is a qualified auditor of the IRCA and is certified in Total Quality Management and Strategic Planning.

Subra has worked in both the government and private sectors in various managerial positions. Aside from his own consulting, he has worked with two large organisations in the finance and education fields, for which he was responsible for implementing organisation-wide quality and training programmes. Subra has consulted and trained across Asia and the Middle East.

SMR Group, Malaysia

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