Michael Hughes is originally from the UK, but has spent the majority of his working experience outside of Britain, mainly in Asia including China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.  His work experience has included both academic and practical positions where he has lectured and conducted research in psycholinguistics whilst at the same time creating and putting into practice practical teaching resources to all levels of students from young children to University professors.

Michael spent his first 15 years of work experience in the British Army, but left to pursue tertiary education.  Now, for over 26 years he has worked as a teacher and as a lecturer in all ranges of establishments from small language schools to post-graduate classes in linguistics and everything else in between.  His current position is able to make use of this abundant experience by managing 120 teacher trainers who are employed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education to be mentors to Primary School teachers in Malaysian Primary Schools.

Michael has been able to combine his knowledge and expertise in linguistics to practical application in the classroom by producing numerous materials which are especially useful at stimulating and encouraging aural communication.  He has developed over a thousand different activities which make use of triggers in PowerPoint so as to make them interactive, rather than just a simple click, click presentation.  He has also authored four volumes of a series of books called ‘Dare to Open your Mouth’ which were published in China and reprinted over 13 times.

SMR Group, Malaysia

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