Dr anbu ratninavel carries 23 years of rich experience in learning and development; serving as the Global Head for Learning and Development at Polaris for the past 14 years. A Doctrate in Artifical Intelligence from the Ohio University, US, Dr.Anbu has worked on a number of critical projects in Artificial Intelligence, for the US Navy.

Driven by his passion towards Human learning processes, he chose a career in the field of education in India. As the Dean of Polaris’ Nalanda Corporate University, Dr. Anbu’s radical initiatives like the Democratic Competency Diagnostic Systems, the path breaking Collaborative Leadership Development framework (Copyrighted), Learning Experiences Design approach, havebeen featured in the leading Learning journals including ASTD’s T+D magazine and UK’s Training Journal.

Dr. Anbu is currently working on Designing Democratic Learning systems, Leadership Development as an OD initiative, incorporating Design Thinking in competency development and a Next generation Coaching model. He has a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence and his interest range from Young Adult development to Human Interactions Process and Coaching.

Polaris Financial Technology, India

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