Learning Made Simple, Training Made Easy

Today’s global learning trends are fast gearing towards creating a holistic interactive experience in order to achieve best results in the pursuit of knowledge.

In this growing field of interactive learning, time and again research has proven that open communication in the sharing of ideas and information is a powerful catalyst in achieving the goals of any form of learning. Be it in a standard classroom setting, within a corporate training session or for purely personal pleasure of gaining knowledge, interactive learning brings great benefits and fulfilment to both the knowledge provider and knowledge seeker.

It is this interactive learning trend that ultimately spurred us to structure Learning Extravaganza 2014-2018 on the theme “Learning Made Simple, Training Made Easy”.

The present fast-paced world is becoming less and less tolerant with the traditional methods of rote learning and mere text-based education. Learning now needs to be easy, quick and long-lasting in terms of memory recall. Fun has also become an integral key factor in motivating successful learning.

“Learning Made Simple, Training Made Easy” encapsulates all these elements of interactive learning. Conference speakers and workshop facilitators will introduce Learning Extravaganza participants to the latest in learning and development, creative learning techniques including speed reading and memory retention practises as well as a host of dynamic tools that will make learning and training in the new millennium a truly enjoyable and productive endeavour.